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An EPIC day at the Antique Faire | Finding Furniture, Upcycles and Vintage Clothing

The Alameda Antique Faire is a treasure trove of fantastic finds, vintage treasures and upcycled garbage art.  There are regular booths that are there without fail each month and then there are some others who’ve jumped at the opportunity to sell their wares. After one thwarted (rained-out) attempt, I made my way, this past weekend, out to Alameda Point for the Antique Faire.  I wish I could say that I did it monthly without fail, but really, I only get out there a couple of times a year. 

This time, I shared my experience with my dear friend and neighbor, Goose Cooper.  She is a kindred spirit and willing to get up early (7am on Spring Forward Daylight Savings Day no less) which is when the best stuff is still around, apparently.  Neither of us had particular items in mind, but I’m always on the lookout for vintage textiles and Goose, interestingly, is really into “stands” – things that you put things on.  

After fortifying myself with a cup of tea and a breakfast burrito, we charged forward, deciding on our “method”.  Lots of people have a specific way they like to approach the vastness of the airfield runway where the Antique Faire takes place.  Start from the front, going down each aisle, go directly to the back and make your way forward, or meander aimlessly by going to where you are drawn.  We chose the “go-to-the-back” method with a little meandering thrown in.

This week, there were fewer vendors and shoppers than normal, because the Faire got rained out the week prior. This was an “off-week” or unscheduled week for the Faire to happen and some vendors had other commitments while some faire-goers, I imagine, had no idea it was happening.  We both decided it was better because of it.  Fewer things to distract us, I guess.  

I was really impressed by the “Junk” art this time around.  Some favorites were these creatures made from car parts that look like robots and planters made from doll heads. We saw a stand-up organ that rolled around on a brass base.  I did see a vintage 20’s dress or two, but the condition and size did not work for me.

There are many booths at the Alameda Antique Faire that span several spots with upholstered and refinished chairs and furniture.  These might not appeal to all Antique enthusiasts, but their booths are very pretty and well appointed and in my opinion, a feast for the eyes.  In most cases, they’ve rescued something from the trash and gave it new life.  It always makes me feel I wish I had a second house to put it all in!

During our meandering, we also talked with some of the dealers and met two women who run market tours in the south of France (www.letrip.org) in addition to selling antique posters.  What a dream – going to Antique/Vintage markets in France!  There was also a booth called Filthy Gorgeous that had an amazing array of well-priced vintage items and these really cute paper feathers.  Goose ended up making her purchase HERE. And we decided to take a trip to Benicia where their store is located, for further hunting in the future.   

Alameda Antique Faire

In the end I came away with some treasures that I didn’t anticipate finding – A wool hat, an embroidered jacket and a pair of (not quite as old as me) vintage Joan & David spectator oxfords – nearly a whole outfit!  And Goose bought a round garden stand with a lovely “old” patina and casters. So fun and I can’t wait to come back!  

This guest post was written by the talented, Jennifer Serr of the Sewing Room. The Sewing Room is a unique sewing workshop and boutique situated just off Park Street in the quaint town of Alameda, CA. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.  She also has an amazing newsletter that talks about vintage fashion, antiques and more. Sign up to get all these great stories in your inbox today.

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New Alameda Eats | Poke Koma

Poke (pronounced poh-keh), a trendy Hawaiian staple of chopped, seasoned raw fish, has made its way to our own island town. Located on Park Street, Poke Koma in Alameda is a bright and open space offering customizable poke bowls. If you are looking for an exciting, fresh way to have a meal on Park Street, this will not disappoint.  Not only is this a fun way to eat, the fresh and healthy food is fantastic.

We hope you find that this guide inspires you to try this innovative and delicious restaurant.

Owners, Lily Dip and Billy Fong, opened the restaurant back in September partly due to a love of Hawaiian culture and food. They were seeing the poke trend popping up everywhere and with their experience owning and operating Zen Asian Fusion Tapas & Lounge, they felt they could bring a unique twist to this popular style of food for Alameda.

Business has been picking up, with a noticeable boost when the weather is warmer. Weather aside, Dip says that Poke Koma has become a popular lunch choice for both adults working in the neighborhood and high school students from Alameda High School.

So, how do you order a poke bowl? Walk up to the counter and order from right to left. Don’t worry, if you get confused, the employees are very friendly and willing to help lead you through the steps.

How to Order

Step 1: Choose your size. You have a choice between regular ($10.50 for 3 proteins) or large ($13.50 for five proteins).

Step 2: Choose your base. Traditional poke bowls are made with sushi rice, but you have additional choices including brown rice, spring mix or crab chips.

Step 3: Choose your proteins. Choices include ahi tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, octopus, spicy tuna, crawfish and scallops. The most popular protein at Poke Koma is also the most traditional choice for poke bowls – ahi tuna.

Step 4: Choose your flavor. You have a choice between mild or spicy. Both flavors include soy sauce, ponzu, sesame oil, ginger, white onions and cucumbers.

Step 5: Choose your toppings. Choices include crab salad, avocado, masago (fish eggs), furikake (Japanese dry seasoning), wasabi, jalapeños, seaweed salad, green onions, pickled ginger, fried shallots, and wonton strips. You can pick as few or as many as you feel like. All toppings are included in the price, including avocado!

Step 6: Sauce it up! Choices include spicy aioli, creamy wasabi, lemon ginger aioli, baja jalapeno and teriyaki. Pick one sauce or even a combination. The most popular combination is spicy aioli and teriyaki, which creates a nice sweet and spicy balance.

I ordered a regular size poke bowl with sushi rice, ahi tuna, yellowtail and salmon. I’m pretty sure I asked for all of the toppings, too. The poke bowl was truly delicious, and a healthy meal option that is still quick to grab- always a plus for a mom with a toddler running around! A regular size was plenty for me, especially because I am always interested in saving some room for dessert. Poke Koma offers Hawaiian shaved ice, which is a nice refreshing way to end your meal.

In addition to dessert, customers can purchase spam musubi at the counter to accompany their poke bowl. Spam musubi is a traditional Hawaiian snack of spam and rice wrapped in seaweed, but Poke Koma also offers musubi specials, such as pork belly musubi and terriyaki chicken musubi. Dip also recently added Hamachi Kama, as a special, which is the collar of yellowtail fish. It is the most juicy and fatty part of the fish and highly recommended.

What’s next for Poke Koma? Dip says they hope to add more hot appetizer items to the menu, as well as more beverage options, including beer, wine sake and craft sodas. They are also working on stamp cards, and eventually hope to expand to Oakland. Many exciting things on the horizon, and I, for one, cannot wait!

Poke Koma

1354 Park Street Alameda, CA 94501

Open daily 11:00am – 9:00pm

(510) 227-5519

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17 Best Alameda Restaurants for Date Night

Planning a fancy date or a cool night out but don’t feel like crossing a bridge? These are our current picks for restaurants in Alameda with great ambiance and delicious food. Let this jog your memory so you don’t go to the same places over and over! Do you agree with our list?

1. Asena Restaurant

Mediterranean food with a flair. Great ambiance and unique dishes. This small and delightful Alameda restaurant is a top pick for date night.

Photo by Asena

Photo by Asena

2. Kamakura Japanese

Wonderful sushi and Japanese dishes served nightly with warm ambiance. You will often find the owners greeting customers. This is a great spot for special occasions and birthdays. They have a special birthday dessert which is so much fun.

3. Pappo

Fresh food and flavors served with a smile and a glass of wine. Yes, please. Pappo is a go-to date night location for many Alameda residents.

4. Speisekammer

Are you looking for a little culture? We love the authentic German cuisine. It is just like being in Germany!

Photo by Speisekammer

Photo by Speisekammer

5. East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

The selection of Dim Sum and seafood is amazing. The restaurant has a casual vibe, but if you want just good food this is a great choice on the west end.

6. Burma Superstar

Ask around town and you will hear raves about Tea leaf and Rainbow Salad at Burma Superstar. This is a great choice when you want food with great flavor.

7. Dragon Rouge

Steaming bowls of Pho and Sea Bass on a skillet, there is so much Vietnamese food to enjoy at Dragon Rouge. This is a favorite Alameda restaurant for date night and before events.

8. Pier 29

Not a fancy atmosphere, but sometimes you just want to stay casual. Overlooks San Francisco and the food is good. Don’t forget about Ballena Bay.

Photo Pier 29

Photo Pier 29

9. Sushi House

A casual sushi restaurant with great dishes. Fresh and unique rolls and bento boxes, and it overlooks the bay. This is nice spot for before a movie.

10. American Oak

The ambiance is great and the brussel sprouts are even greater. This is a must try for a romantic Alameda dinner.

11. Trabocco

Have you noticed that gorgeous restaurant with a crystal chandelier in the middle of Southshore Center? That’s the one. Stunning design and great food. We love it.

Photo Trabocco

Photo Trabocco

12. East End Pizza

Sometimes you just want pizza, but it is still a date. The pizza is really delicious and fancy. This is one of our lively Alameda restaurants with a great bar. It is is a nice spot to sit and talk.

13. Spice I Am

We love the mango sticky rice, and so do lot of other residents. When you are in the mood for Thai, this is a nice spot.

14. Hang Ten Boiler

Its casual. It’s messy. It’s fun and delicious. If your date is adventurous this is good time.

Photo East Bay Express

Photo East Bay Express

15. La Penza Azul

Have you seen all the kinds of Tequila. Well it might not be fancy in decor, it makes up for it in a lively atmosphere. Great Mexican cuisine and good drinks.

16. Café Jolie

This is a delicious café on the West End. The food is fantastic and it is cozy place to hang out.

17. Habanas Cuban Cuisine

For the best Mojitos in town, swing by Habanas.  The Cuban food and atmosphere make for a cool night out.

18 (bonus!). Shirasoni

Recently opened Teppanakki and Japanese restaurant. Really good food and great times.


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Did we miss one of the great Alameda restaurants? Did we get is wrong? Leave us a comment.


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