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17 Best Alameda Restaurants for Date Night

Planning a fancy date or a cool night out but don’t feel like crossing a bridge? These are our current picks for restaurants in Alameda with great ambiance and delicious food. Let this jog your memory so you don’t go to the same places over and over! Do you agree with our list?

1. Asena Restaurant

Mediterranean food with a flair. Great ambiance and unique dishes. This small and delightful Alameda restaurant is a top pick for date night.

Photo by Asena

Photo by Asena

2. Kamakura Japanese

Wonderful sushi and Japanese dishes served nightly with warm ambiance. You will often find the owners greeting customers. This is a great spot for special occasions and birthdays. They have a special birthday dessert which is so much fun.

3. Pappo

Fresh food and flavors served with a smile and a glass of wine. Yes, please. Pappo is a go-to date night location for many Alameda residents.

4. Speisekammer

Are you looking for a little culture? We love the authentic German cuisine. It is just like being in Germany!

Photo by Speisekammer

Photo by Speisekammer

5. East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

The selection of Dim Sum and seafood is amazing. The restaurant has a casual vibe, but if you want just good food this is a great choice on the west end.

6. Burma Superstar

Ask around town and you will hear raves about Tea leaf and Rainbow Salad at Burma Superstar. This is a great choice when you want food with great flavor.

7. Dragon Rouge

Steaming bowls of Pho and Sea Bass on a skillet, there is so much Vietnamese food to enjoy at Dragon Rouge. This is a favorite Alameda restaurant for date night and before events.

8. Pier 29

Not a fancy atmosphere, but sometimes you just want to stay casual. Overlooks San Francisco and the food is good. Don’t forget about Ballena Bay.

Photo Pier 29

Photo Pier 29

9. Sushi House

A casual sushi restaurant with great dishes. Fresh and unique rolls and bento boxes, and it overlooks the bay. This is nice spot for before a movie.

10. American Oak

The ambiance is great and the brussel sprouts are even greater. This is a must try for a romantic Alameda dinner.

11. Trabocco

Have you noticed that gorgeous restaurant with a crystal chandelier in the middle of Southshore Center? That’s the one. Stunning design and great food. We love it.

Photo Trabocco

Photo Trabocco

12. East End Pizza

Sometimes you just want pizza, but it is still a date. The pizza is really delicious and fancy. This is one of our lively Alameda restaurants with a great bar. It is is a nice spot to sit and talk.

13. Spice I Am

We love the mango sticky rice, and so do lot of other residents. When you are in the mood for Thai, this is a nice spot.

14. Hang Ten Boiler

Its casual. It’s messy. It’s fun and delicious. If your date is adventurous this is good time.

Photo East Bay Express

Photo East Bay Express

15. La Penza Azul

Have you seen all the kinds of Tequila. Well it might not be fancy in decor, it makes up for it in a lively atmosphere. Great Mexican cuisine and good drinks.

16. Café Jolie

This is a delicious café on the West End. The food is fantastic and it is cozy place to hang out.

17. Habanas Cuban Cuisine

For the best Mojitos in town, swing by Habanas.  The Cuban food and atmosphere make for a cool night out.

18 (bonus!). Shirasoni

Recently opened Teppanakki and Japanese restaurant. Really good food and great times.


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Did we miss one of the great Alameda restaurants? Did we get is wrong? Leave us a comment.


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Alameda Island Living

Living on an island is great thing, if you ask Alameda residents.  You might wonder if being water locked by the San Francisco Bay and Oakland Estuary is a good way to live. We know it is. These are 8 reasons we love living on an Island!

1. We have lots of waterfront

There are expansive beaches, walking trials and biking paths all over this 6 x 6 mile island. Much of those trails overlook the bay or the estuary. Many gaze right at the exciting San Francisco skyline. We have beaches for kids, water sports, tide pools and biking trails. For residents with an active lifestyle they never have to look far from home for outside adventure along the waterfront. All in all, being surrounded by water is the coolest reason we love living on an Island.

Island City Alameda

Alameda Island – Photo by Google Earth

2. Non-residents don’t just swing by

Those of us living here know the 2 tunnels, 4 bridges, 2 ferry stations and city wide bus routes so it is easy to find your way off the island when you live here. However, to get to the island for our friends and guests, they may need a little practice and a GPS. Even our land locked bayfarm island is a bit tricky to find. Most of us like that our city feels a little protected from the busy San Francisco Bay Area and has a sleepy vibe.

3. We have a bird sanctuary

Because of our expansive, quiet beach and the work of an amazing lady, Elsie B. Romero, we have a bird sanctuary. Elsie B. Romero Bird Sanctuary is part of the Crown Beach system to preserve the delicate ecosystem of over a dozen birds. These birds thrive on the salt march and live on the bay.

Birds like the snowy egret and marsh wren grace our shores.  The estuary is a very quiet place, where residents can bird watch or just stroll.  If you haven’t done this yet, you should!

Photo by baynature.org

Photo by baynature.org

4. We have an active boating community

Alameda is second to Marina Del Ray as far as most boat slips in California. We have a thriving active boating community, and there are even racing teams like like the Alameda Dragon Flyers. We also have 5 yacht clubs and a house boat community on Alameda Island.  Much of our boating community is tucked away from open view, so you might even forget it’s there.

5. If you work in the city, you can ride the Ferry to work

22 minutes Ferry ride to San Francisco isn’t bad. If you consider they serve cocktails, it is even better. It’s a quick trip and quite relaxing for those who are spending their work days in the financial district of SFO.  If you are lucky enough that you can ride the East Bay Ferry to work, you will agree this is one reason we love living on an island.

6. We can say cool things like “I never leave the island”

It’s true. Many of us love to say to other locals “I try to never leave the island”. We also get to say we live in “Island City” or we have “Island fever”.  Not everyone gets to do that!

photo: Matching Hats

photo: Matching Hats

7. We have a lighted boat parade

For 39 years, Alameda Island has celebrated the Lighted Yacht Parade on the Oakland Estuary. Boats large and small celebrate the holidays with enthusiasm and flair. We love this snoopy boat. So festive for the holiday season.

8. We have everything we need

Because residents have such pride in living in Alameda, many times they live here and have businesses here. Many of our restaurants, flower shops, boutiques and stores have local residents behind the counter. Some businesses just love that sleepy island feeling to call home. Ultimately, it means that you never have to cross a body of water to get something special or needed.


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What do you think is the benefit of living on an Island? We would love to hear from you in our comments.

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