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Alameda art and paint nights – the exclusive list

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy a night of wine and paint.  Our artist community in Alameda hosts lots of places to put your creativity to the test.  I will say that I am not an artist, but I really enjoy the process of creation. Maybe it’s just getting out that I love, but regardless, these Alameda art and paint nights have me captivated.

I will make every attempt to create an exclusive list, but there is likely more tucked away in churches and senior centers.  Let me know what I have missed in the comments and we will add it.



If you look through our Instagram you will see that we are no stranger to the artistic delights of Twirl.  The adult painting and crafting classes are tons of fun. My friend and I loved how we got to use nice brushes and just had more creative range than you get in some of the other places.  Wine and snacks were available as well as the creative expertise of the owner.

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You’ve likely seen this bright and delightful party store on Santa Clara, but you might not know that they host creative classes.  I have taken the watercolor calligraphy class, and it was crazy fun.  The class is a bit more costly than the others, however they are longer and a quality skill is taught. I went with five friends, and every one of us loved it.

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If you really want a wide variety of date and style choices, Pinot’s Pallete cannot be beat.  There are classes many times every week, and it is easy to send a link to your friends to sign up together.  I have always had a great time.  The wine cost is in addition to the painting fee. The paintings are very easy to do, so this is more for those looking to just have fun.

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I popped in for a few minutes to say hello when they first opened.  This place was filled with real creativity. This class list is a variety of mediums and methods that will delight those who are more advanced. From fairy houses to mosaic windows, what’s not to love here.

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Okay, so there are lots of places I have not tried. I would love your feedback so I can share it with our readers.


If you think learning to sew would be a hoot (I think I could do it as long as someone would thread my machine), then the sewing room has so many classes. From beginners to adults, this studio doesn’t just sew for you, they teach you to do it yourself. I have had several friends express an interest in learning to make pillows and little totes. I am quite sure when we find the time this will be our spot.

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If you love jewelry making, you should try the classes at bead inspiration. I’ve been in this shop and they have everything you need to make charm bracelets and fashionable jewelry.

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I can see they have some bridal projects and a “call to find out more about canvas painting”. I wasn’t feeling really excited about the information I received online so this is just an honorable mention.

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I took a cake making class at Michael’s so many years ago, and although I don’t use their recipes, it changed me forever.  It sparked a love of making fresh cakes with buttercream frosting.  So even though Michael’s isn’t owned by anyone living in Alameda, their courses may make your life more fun. They have great ones from crochet to cake making. Check it out.

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If you want to learn to paint furniture, create a rust finish or take a series of painting classes this is your studio.  The artistic owners Ja-Ying and Rachel live on the island and love to share all their creativity with their students.

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This is quite amazing. We have a glass blowing studio with courses, right on Clement!  Check out this amazing list of courses. Am I brave enough for this to be my next adventure? Maybe.

Mention you found them on #ilovealameda and you will get $10 off your first course. How super cool is that?

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Whether it’s date night, a moment to get creative or a girls night out you should book one of these places. 

What have we missed. Leave a comment!



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