What’s new at the Alameda Farmers Market

The Alameda farmers market has grown to be a mini market filled with fresh whole healthy foods, jams, fish, veggies, nuts and more. This is the visual guide to the farmers market!


Of course, there were lots of fruits, but all I saw were red, ripe, juicy strawberries.



Rows of vegetables is what we would expect at an early morning farmer’s market. This market has some very unique vegetables.

Jams & jellies


An amazing addition to our local market… delicious homemade jams and jellies. These are only $6 a jar. They had raspberry, nectarine, blackberry and more. What a great gift!


So many varieties of Hummus to choose from. Wish I could have tried them all.


Samosa and Indian spices

Take some of these home and enjoy!  Maybe you can even walk to pick it up.

Nuts and eggs

More pantry staples at great prices!

Tamales, enchiladas and salsa – oh my {homemade}

Forget the day of cooking, and dive into these homemade Mexican dishes.   A little pre-made home cooked love for your family.


Cripsian Bakery

A little bit of fancy pastry at the farmers market from Crispian Bakery!

Bread, Pies and grains

Now you can get fresh bread, at farmers market prices from Beckmann’s bakery.

Kettle Corn

Carry your hot popcorn bag around while you shop or bring it home. $6


Fresh Fish

Rows of very fresh fish on ice.  Wow. The Ahi Tuna looked amazing.


And on your way out, if you have any hands free, flowers

There are always flowers at the farmer’s market. Let me remind you these are so fresh and some are only $3 a bunch.


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